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SIMON SINEK posited that people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. So, let me tell you why I do what I do.


Hitting the big 3-0 is kind of a big thing for me. I mean, I have existed for three decades now and yet, I still feel like there isn’t much of a difference from when I first mastered riding the bicycle when no hands when I was ten.

Perhaps, the change is subtler than I anticipated it to be. Subtle yet profound.

I realize that I begin to nurture an obsession with life and mortality. I begin to ask questions like: Why am I here? Why I know the things I know. Why I do the things I do? Why I choose to not do the things I do not do? These may be existential questions born out of some sort of imagined midlife crisis but it doesn’t mean they are questions too trivial to deserve some pondering.

I begin to notice the lines and creases on people’s faces, the graying hair and the subtle yet unmistakable signs of decay and deterioration. I cannot help but wonder what will become of me when my time comes. Will I simply succumb to nothingness as if I were never here at all? Will all the good (and not-so-good) memories I treasured vanish into thin air as if they’re nothing but fleeting illusions? These are morbid thoughts and they cripple me. Isn’t there something I can do to make life and living worth more than a decaying sack of flesh and bones with a heady dose of megalomania.

But, perhaps, I am looking at this wrong. Maybe, I don’t have to worry about deterioration, death and nothingness. If I am to value life, isn’t it exactly that I should be obsessed with? I can never fully know life if I worry about its absence in the first place, can I? Doing so will be tantamount to not living at all.


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Now, here is a question: HOW DO YOU LIVE LIFE?

By raising a family? By accumulating wealth? By traveling and wandering about? No one knows exactly. I hear several rugs-to-riches stories and I think maybe they had unlocked the mysteries of living and that made them rich and happy. I also hear stories about people denouncing wealth and living life of blessedness. Now, I wonder if there is just one key to living or there are more. Or, maybe, there is no key at all.

The frustration of not knowing exactly what is happening makes me decide to learn more stories and write some myself. And, this is exactly how I come up with penning down THE STORY BOARD. This blog, more than anything else, is an ambitious attempt at finding meaning in existence hoping it will, in turn, bring about true happiness.

I saw this book by TIM MANNIN in one of the big bookstores in town neatly stacked along with several books I couldn’t care less about. The title hit me hard. “Doing Things That Matter” — it sounds like a very tall order. How do you exactly do things that matter? How can you even know if the things you’ve done actually matter at all? These questions haunted me for days and it still keeps me awake in some nights until now.

Perhaps, these questions will never get answered. Or, maybe, asking these questions are a part of the answer already — whetever this claptrap means. We may never know. For me, there is one sure thing, however: I will simply keep doing the things I value and hope that they actually matter in the grand scheme of things regardless of whether I get to know it or not. One of these things I find value in is telling stories.

I am delighted to see you drop by. I would love to know your story and, maybe, I can write about it. Many of the stories posted in this blog aren’t mine. These are stories of people who are living more colorful lives than I do. It is my honor to write them down and, in so doing, inspire others.





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